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PCB Coil Micro-short tester

The most common application of PCB/FPC wired near-field communication (NFC) applications is the induction coil printed on the inner layer of mobile payment cards. The printed coils may make contact with each other and result in micro-short circuits due to poor silver printing processes which, in turn, lead to poor induction in terminal products or even induction failure and data communication interruption.

PCB coil micro-short circuit meter 933 is a non-destructive tester. By applying voltage at both ends of the coil, this resonates a cluster of energy by induction and capacitance charging and discharging. We then use the waveform from release to attenuation to analyze the PCB coils for its insulation, induction amount, and parallel connection-based capacitance change to control micro-short circuiting in coils caused by the production process.

  • Multi-channel auto test for up to 8 coils at a time
  • Optional LCR function (frequency 200KHz)
  • High voltage non-destructive pulse pressure measurement technology
  • The best WPC/NFC coil quality test station
  • AC 3000V, DC 3000V, IR 1000V
  • Detect micro-short circuit in between loops within coils by high voltage test
  • Analyze PCB coil insulation, inductance, and parallel connection capacitance change by waveform matching
  • Optional coil impedance characteristic test item (L for inductance and DCR for DC resistance)

Measurement Data


17 sets (至多可測8組線圈排板)

Impluse Voltage

200V ~ 1000V

Lowest Inductance Value 0.5uH
Accuracy ±2%
Measurement Time  50 ms
Measurement Mode The comparison between standard and test waveforms
Indicators Pass/Fail HV LED red-green indicator lights/Screen Display/Sound



Power Supply 90 ~ 132Vac or 198 ~ 264Vac 
Display RS-232
Flash Memory Storage of 100 rewritable data sets
Operation Manual、RS-232
Environment Temperature : 10°C ~ 40°C    Humidity : 20 ~ 90%
9333 Dimension (W*H*D) / Weight   435x178x525 mm / 15 Kg 
6420 Dimension (W*H*D) / Weight   435x145x522 mm / 9 kg
9333/6420 Display 320*240 

Measurement Items


Total Area

Area size comparison

Waveform comparison



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