PCB Testing Equipments
PCB testing equipment

Professional PCB tester provides 512 and 1024 pins. 9330 models collocate with different customized manual /pneumatic fixtures. The minimum resistance can be measured to 1mΩ. The mechanical structure with double cylinder press to increase the stability of the testing. The existing applied industry field is the high-tech 3C products. For instance, the smart phone and the wearable electronics (membrane keyboard/membrane switch) need precision quality testing of PCB/FPCB. The high security requirements of PCB in central control panels as well as the various sensor parts of the car need high precise FPCB testing equipment for quality control.

  • Support Chinese/English operating system
  • 4-wire measurement
  • Boot self-diagnosis  
  • Automatically scan & pin search
  • Data statistics and various chart analysis
  • High voltage insulation test: up to DC300V, 100MΩ 
  • Customized fixture design
  • Synchronous multiple parameters test function
  • Provide various calibration of test function
  • Fully programmable continue test
  • Testing Data Save Function
  • Support USB device and PC Link
  • Stable double-cylinders press system
    * Optional 2048/4096 pins (9330)


Model 9330
Test Pin 512/1024
Conductance Test
Resistance Test 1mΩ~100KΩ   
Open/Short Test 1KΩ ~ 50KΩ
Insulation Test voltage DCHV 50V~300V
Insulation Test 1MΩ~50MΩ  
Conductance Test Time 400 Points/Sec Approx.
O/S Test Time 4,000 Points/Sec
Input 1. Auto Learn
2. File Download
Windows XP Dual Core 2.7GAbove
Display 19”LCD Monitor
Power Supply AC220V 1100W
Working Temperature 10°C~40°C
Working Humidity Less than 50% Relative
Air Supply 5~8Kg/cm²
Test Area W*D 500 x 450 mm
Cylinder Distance 250mm
Cylinder Diameter Ø 25mm
Size L*W*H 830 x 780 x 1350 mm
Weight 300 Kg 
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