PCB Testing Equipments
4 -Wire PCB Tester

The FPC four-wire high breakover voltage testing machine 9331 is the ideal solution for breakover impedance of few points and high voltage insulation. This is especially the case with flexible circuit board FPCs vulnerable to expanding, contracting, and bending. FPCs tend to suffer defects of varying copper wire widths, notches, and burrs due to different materials and etching time, and chemical solutions when going through the process. Aiming at short-circuit or open circuit, precision resistance of copper wires and capacitance impedance between wires, the 9331 goes live for testing by just connecting to a manual/pneumatic compact press thimble jig. It not only enables board makers to run 4-wire precision measurement with speed and accuracy, but also cuts PCB O/S test machine investment with less workshop space demand.

  • 4-wire measurement
  • Support insulation、resistance、O/S and component testing function
  • AC High voltage test: up to 1000V, DC High voltage test: up to 1500V
  • AC leakage current up to 5mA, DC high voltage insulation up to 1.2GΩ
  • Used in membrane keypads, automotive panel
  • Optional computer link software for tracing test data


Test pin 128

Conductance Test

Resistance Test 0.01Ω  ~ 20MΩ  
Capacitance Test 10pF~3µF 
Diode Test 0 - 6.8V
Open/Short Test 2KΩ ~ 100KΩ
Insulation Test voltage (DCHV) 0~ 1500V
Insulation Test 1MΩ~1.2GΩ
AC test voltage (ACHV) 100V~ 1000V 
Leakage current test  0.1mA ~5mA
Conductance Test Time 103 pin/sec.
O/S Test Time 12800pin/sec.(Setting is 2kΩ, 0.05µF)
Display 320*240 
Power Supply

Voltage 115 / 230 Vac ±10%
Frequency 60 / 50 Hz

Temperature 10°C~40°C
Humidity ≤ 75%RH
No relevant audio and video files

Standard Accessories

  • Power cord
  • Testing report
  • User manual
  • PCB special horn cable

Optional Accessories

  • Remote control cable
  • KB-8750K1
  • FX-000C15
  • FX-000C17
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