Automatic Testing Equipment
Universal Function Tester

Customized testing equipment, please feel free to contact us.

  • Computerized control and analysis, simple edit environment, easy to learn
  • Editing environment of table type program
  • Fully programmable continuous test
  • Modular design can be easily upgraded
  • Standard IEEE-488.2 GPIB interface
  • It provides 17 "LCD screen display
  • It provides a variety of expansion cards to meet the various requirements
  • It provides a variety of interfaces to be utilized in different applications
  • It provides powerful statistical reporting capabilities


Advanced Features Statistical Analysis and Report
Automatic Simulation Test
Continuous Testing Memory Management
Accuracy Depends on the Measurement Unit
Measure Electric Circuit Mode Depends on the Measurement Unit

Optional Purchase Measurement Unit

Power Analysis Device
AC Power Supply
DC Electric Current Load
Precision ElectricityMeter
oscilloscope (OSC)
Spectrum Analysis Device
Network Analysis Device
Computing Platform PⅢ/1G 
Microsoft Win98/WinXp
Germany Schuh PT-960F System
Display / Sound Device

Pass / Fail Screen Display / Computer Sound

Measurethe Connecting Points Made-to-Order will Depend on the Demand of the Customer (Possible Collocate to the fixtures)
Control / Editing Unit


Foot control switch
Interface RS-232 
Power requirement 110 / 230 Vac ±10% (Auto Selection)

Expansion Control Card

50 / 60Hz
Relay Card Number of the Output Group:16
Relay Categories:SPDT
Output Types:N.O.
Contact Ratio:125Vac / 1A或30Vdc / 2A
Power Relay Card Number of the Output Group:8
Relay Categories:SPDT
Output Types:N.O. / N.C.
Contact Ratio:250Vac / 5A 或30Vdc / 5A

Multiplexer Card

0 ~ 2Vpp
8×24 Relay

Power Card

Contact Ratio:125Vac / 1A 或30Vdc / 2A
Output Voltage:2 ~ 20Vdc, Fixed Voltage
Current Limit:1.5A
Number of the Output Group:3

Foot control switch

Power Cable
User Manual
Environment Temperature : 15 ~ 35
Humidity :  ≦75%
Dimension (W*L*H) 485X420X315 mm
Weight  10 Kg
The Size and Weight of Customization will Depend on theEquipment and Requirements 


Resistance, Notebook Computer (DC-TO-DC), Uninterruptible Power Supply System (AC-TO-DC), Charger, Anti-theft Device, Controller and other Applications

No relevant audio and video files

Standard Accessory

  • Power cord
  • PT960F software
  • User manual CD

Optional Accessory

  • Customized