Product Overview

At MICROTEST, we develop innovate products that help you get more precise measuring instruments applications and problems.

Component Tester
Precision up to 0.1% is provided under a wide range of test frequencies and impedances (Z) for fast, accurate and focused operation. Applications include resistors, capacitors, inductors, oscillators, sensors, delay lines, wave filters and resonators.
Safety Tester
Contest tests are performed synchronously for high insulating components during HV output to improve the reliability and efficiency of the test. The testing covers the insulating quality, current leakage, cross-slot HV coils, slot HASL, line hooking, line bending and other QA problems. The hipot tester is applicable to transformers, motors, capacitors, inductors, wires and wave filters, and applications of the impulse winding tester include inverters, power inductors, transformers, motors, wave filters, capacitors and wires.
Comprehensive Transformer Testing Systems
The one-stop comprehensive transformer testing system is the only product adopted by major Japanese manufacturers. The application of the system includes power source transformers and network communications transformers.
Cable Harness Tester
We have advanced techniques leading the industry to improve the sensing sensitivity, testing speed and connecting precision in the instant circuit break detection. Applications of the cable/harness tester include HDMI, USB cables, signal cables and all kind of wires.
Motor Testing Solution
Multiple sets of objects can be tested simultaneously (depending on the coil turns of the product). Synchronous pneumatic measurement of the fixture is performed to avoid scraping the object. The motor tester is applicable to various types of motors.
Automatic Testing Equipment
Computerized control and analysis is provided to minimize man-made omission and misjudgment. Modular design ensures easy maintenance and the programming environment is simple, easy to understand and equipped with powerful testing capabilities. Customized service guarantees to meet the special requirements of the customer.
EV Charging Connector Testing System
MICROTEST LCR Meter series provides exclusive fixtures that decrease measurement errors and obtain accurate measurement values even for a smaller size DUT. LCR Meter series also offers relative accessories for you purchasing.
PCB Testing Equipments
This is the most ideal PCB testing equipment that can provide economic testing solutions depending on the requirements of the customers and satisfy most of the customers in their testing applications. It is widely used for various PCBs.

MICROTEST Launched DC Bias Current Test System (Freq. response 10M/320A)