Safety Tester
Impulse/Surge Tester

7713  is a 2-channel 10KV  impulse winding tester and able to measure inductance down to 0.5uH as well as magnify high-frequency harmonics to prevent shorts between the layers of windings. Mild corona occurring between coils would create harmonics with small amplitude and high frequency (>10MHz) which cannot be detected by a regular impulse winding tester that can only observe mild amplitude without actually identifying the fault. MICROTEST 7713 deploys “High-frequency harmonics analysis HARM “technique to magnify high-frequency harmonics then display them on screen then identify each mild discharge between layers and ensure the quality of each component coil.

  • High-frequency harmonics analysis has the capability to detect slot lines
  • Low power non-destructive test analysis
  • Automatic Level Control Function (ALC) 
  • Waveform learning comparison to achieve rapid test speed
  • Measure voltage up to 10,000V
  • Measure the lowest inductance to 0.5uH
  • Interchangeable between Chinese and English operational interfaces/ Provide statistic and print functions
  • High-frequency noise signal analysis has the capability to detect slot line
  • Auto voltage Learn function

Measurement Data

Channel 2
Impulse Voltage 200V ~ 10000V
Lowest Inductance Value 0.5uH    


Measurement time   50mS
Measurement Mode The comparison between standard and test waveforms


 Pass/Fail HV LED red-green indicator lights/Screen Display/Sound


Power Supply 98 ~ 132Vac or 192 ~ 264Vac
Display 320*240 dot-matrix display
Interface RS-232, Print Port, Remote Control
Flash Memory

Storage of 200 rewritable data sets

Operation Auto、Manual
Environment Temperature : 10 to 40    Humidity : 20 ~ 90%
Dimension (W*H*D) 435x133x525  (mm)
Weight   8 (Kg)

Measurement Items


Total Area

Area size comparison
Waveform comparison


Inverters, Power Inductors, Winding, Transformers, Motors, Wave Filters, Capacitors and Circuit breaker

No relevant audio and video files

Standard Accessories

  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • HV Test Cable
  • D-Sub footswitch

Optional Accessories

  • RS-232cable
  • Remote Cable