Cable/Harness Tester
Cable/Harness Tester

The newly launched series of the MICROTEST 8740 professional wire testing instrument could have three different test points, such as 128/256 and 512. Unlike the traditional wire testing instruments, the 8740 professional wire testing instrument uses dual processing unit in the inner part and carries on an analogy signal sampling measurement by DSP processor to accelerate the processing speed. By updating the principle, it is able to get rid of the past measurement methods of using the RMS-to-DC element integral and to save the time. It adds the 400MHz ARM 9 processor to design the man-machine interface operation to make the display refresh speed increase 300%.

It provides a completed RS232 communication to transfer the test results back to the PC terminal for storage as well. The built-in memory space can store more than 200 groups of the test files. It supports the RS232, USB and the Printer interfaces. It can be applied in all kinds of wires, connectors, and the connector and wire combine products tests and be able to meet all kinds of wire multi-point testing requirement. There is a special version for USB-C test, meet all your demand!!

  • 128 / 256 / 512 testing points
  • Number of test file up to 500 sets
  • Multiple DUT testing - 4 pieces(standard)/14 pieces(option)
  • Identify the defective step of sequencial multiple DUT test
  • Automatically identify the normal or reverse plugin of connectors
  • Capacitor polarity and diode leakage current test
  • DC Hipot insulation test rapidly
  • AC/DC Hipot leakage current test rapidly
  • With single ended cable Open/Short test and HV Insulation/Leakage Current Test
  • With Open/Short/Conductance/Components test
  • Extendable testing ranges of Open/Short: 2k ~ 100kΩ
  • Advanced technology high speed of “Intermittence Open/ Short and Conductance Test”
  • USB (Software update, test results storage, files up/down)
  • With Speaker/Earphone jack
  • LCD contrast/Sound Volume (adjustable)
  • External current expand box for wire buck measurement

Measurement Data

Model 8740N 8740NA 8740FA
AC Hipot   - 100 ~ 700V  100-1000V 
DC Hipot  50 ~ 1000V  50 ~ 1000V 50-1500V 
AC Hipot Leakage Current 0.01mA ~5mA  
DC Hipot Leakage Current 0.1µA ~ 1000µA
DC Hipot Insulation 1MΩ ~ 1GΩ
Hipot Output Accuracy ±5%
Hipot Measurement Accuracy ±5%    
Rated Output 5Vdc    
Low Voltage Resistance 0.1Ω ~ 2MΩ    
Ponit of Test  128/256/512 Points 128/256/512 Points 128/256 Points
Basic Measurement Time 0.01 Second
Test Scan Mode

Auto, Manual, External Trigger

Measurement Signal Low Voltage Measurement Signal
DUT Requirement Maximum Electric Capacity Allowance 1μF
Panel System / Rapid / Edit / Function 
Indicator Pass/Fail HV LED red-green indicator lights/Screen Display/Sound


Power Supply Fixed Voltage 115 / 230 Vac ±10% 
  Frequency 60 / 50 Hz
Display 320*240 dot-matrix display
Interface Printer Port, RS-232, USB
Flash Memory

Store up to 500 Sets of Test Settings Files

Operation Manual、 Auto、 Remote Control
Environment Temperature :15 ~ 35  Humidity : RH75%
Dimension (W*H*D) 8740(128) - 435x145x406 mm
8740(256) - 435x145x406 mm
8740(512) - 435x190x406 mm
Weight  8740(128) - 8.44 kg
8740(256) - 9.3 kg
8740(512) - 14 kg

Parameters Measurement Ranges

Item Range
Open/Short  2KΩ ~ 100KΩ
Intermittence Open/ Short 2KΩ ~ 100KΩ 
Open/Short determinal Judge Judge Momentary Broken Circuit
Conductance Max.50.0Ω
Resistance Max.10MΩ
Capacitance  10pF ~ 1µF  
Diode 0 - 7V   
IR  1MΩ ~ 1GΩ  
Single-Side Test Able to do the Single-Side Test
AC Hipot Leakage Current  0.01mA ~5mA
DC Hipot Leakage Current  0.1µA ~ 1000µA

Advanced Functions 

Programmable continuous test
Pin search


All kinds of wires, connectors



8740  Cable tester 線材測試儀器
operating instruction 操作說明



8740NAC(type-c)  Cable tester 線材測試儀器
operating instruction 操作說明


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Standard Accessories

  • Power Cord
  • Test Report
  • User Manual CD
  • Fixture Flat Cable(AK-8600F2)

Optional Accessories

  • Remote Control Cable
  • Footswitch
  • Calibration Kits(KB-8730K1)
  • RS-232 Cable
  • USB-C Fixture