MICROTEST 7630/7631 Hipot Tester, speedy measurement and high precision

<Taipei, Taiwan November 10, 2016> MICROTEST launched newest hipot tester 7630/7631 with two different test points of 2-Channel and 9Channel and with being able to expand multi-channel, could meet the requirement of multi-point tests.


Main innovative features :

1. Faster and safer discharge circuit. In addition to speed up the test time, it could release energy when the user accidentally touch the high-pressure devices to reduce the risk.

2. The method of foolproof function of electronic capacity in advance could improve the limit of doubling the number of testing channels required to use the open short-circuit discrimination.

3. Providing USB computer connection and test file data storage interface, it is absolutely the necessary instruments of modern industry 3.0.


The function and specifications differences of 7630/7631 and previous generation 7620/7621 of MICROTEST are described as followings:

1. Display screen:

7620/7621 configures a small monochrome screen, 7630/7631 configures color graphics-type large screen and edits the test parameters in the operation more user-friendly.


2. Communication interface:

7620/7621 adopts RS232 to connect to the computer. 7630/7631 builts-in a group of USB interface, provides another way of computer connection, is able to be used to access U disk, and stores a large number of files and test data. The inner memory can store up to 30 files / 16 test steps which is one time more than 7620/7621 30 files / 8 test steps.


3. Foolproof function:

7620/7621 adopt the pre-detection of open short-circuit in foolproof. For instance, if we would like to measure the the Hipot leakage current between the conductors of Channel 1 and Channel 3, we had to connect the Channel 2 conductor upon the Channel 1 conductor and the Channel 4 conductor connect upon the Channel 3 conductor because we afraid the test result will be complete good products caused by the channel connect wires loose. Before hipot testing, it has to check the Channel 1 &2 and Channel 3&4 if the go-between wires loose or not. Except this method, 7630/763 can selected the electronic capacitance method. In case of this method, it has not to be assisted by the Channel 2&4. Once the go-between wire of the Channel 1&3 looses, the detective electronic capacitance will be extreme low and it will reach the foolproof feature.


4. Leakage Current Specifications:

7620/21 pressure leakage current of 10mA, while the 7630/7631 pressure leakage current is increased to 31mA, AC5000V, for example, the former output power of 50W, while the latter is increased to 155W.In current field of PC board industry, the production of lighting products used in the aluminum plate does need to reach the leakage current 30mA test conditions


5. Safe discharge line:

7630/7631 pressure tester adopts innovated design (patent pending) in the high-voltage discharge circuit and is safer and faster than 7620/7621. It could release energy faster when the user accidentally touch the high-pressure devices to reduce the risk.


The followings are the specifications function comparison table between MICROTEST 7630/7631 and the market commonly used C brand pressure tester: 

Item / model (model)

MICROTEST 7630/7631

C brand pressure tester

AC output voltage



AC Leakage current

Max: 31mA. Res: 0.001mA

Max: 10mA. Res: 0.01mA

AC arc detection sensitivity

0-20 shelf

0-8 shelf

DC output voltage



DC Leakage current

Max: 5mA.  Res: 0.001mA

Max: 5mA.  Res: 0.01mA

DC arc detection sensitivity

0-5 shelf


IR output voltage



IR maximum insulation value



Test channel

2 / 9 Channel

2 Channel

Save memory file

30 sets

4 sets

Test procedure

16 sets


Test foolproof function

Short circuit prediction / capacitance prediction


Computer connection

RS232/USBComputer connection

RS232 Computer connection

Test files and data

USB Host/USB Device


PLC input signal



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