MICROTEST 6210/6220/6240 DC Bias Current Source

<Feb. 13, 2017, Taipei> MICROTEST 6210/6220/6240 DC Bias Current Source Series offers 3 high current intensities in 10A/20A/40A. When used together with the MICROTEST 63XX Series LCR Meters, the combination satisfies users’ different requirements for testing product properties under different loading currents. Differing from general DC Power Suppliers that mainly provide voltages, the 6210/20/40 provides DC Currents for loading on objects under test (DUTs) with DCR values being measured directly. The merit is it allows parallel use of multiple units for providing required current intensity according to product specifications. This achieves the convenience of separating and overlapping all the units, which general DC Power Suppliers are unable to achieve.

In addition to providing settings of fixed current test modes, major properties of the DC Overlapping Current Source can be edited based on customer requirements for: 1. Current and Frequency screen analysis, mainly applied for analyzing magnetic saturation properties after loading DC currents to magnetic inductors; 2. Temperature rise analysis: conditions of temperature rise and saturation properties, providing immediate knowledge if the component will be burnt due to over-temperature; 3. Multi-step Mode: Customers may select multiple parameters by 1 setting, all the test results are shown at the same time.

At present, up to 6 units of the 6210/6220 DC Current Source Series can be overlapped to provide a maximum voltage of 20Vdc; up to 8 units for 6240, for a maximum voltage of 12Vdc. Our maximum current can be as high as 320A (6240*8=320A).

DC Bias Current Source provides a very wide range of fixed test current between 0A and 320A, can be used for testing all the inductor DUTs. This makes the instrument ideal for the development, manufacture and application of all kinds of soft magnetic cores, inductors, high-power inductors and transformers.


  • Load-safety Test of high-load wires or automobile wiring sets
  • Checking charge/discharge efficiency of Batteries
  • Testing Saturation Properties of magnetic inductor units
  • Filter Inductor of switching power supplies and DC/DC Converters
  • Filter Inductor of UPSs, Inverters, etc.
  • Power chock coils of PFCs and phase-shift inductors
  • Inhibition chocks
  • Current compensation chocks
  • Relay windings, solenoid valve windings
  • Flyback converter transformers, other transformers
  • Development and production of soft magnetic cores

Test requirements of large-current products are getting bigger and bigger. To provide for such large currents, fixtures and clamps must also sustain large currents. This is the advantage of MICROTEST – we are capable of customized design of fixtures and test platforms according to specific requirements. 

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