Microtest Launches Flexible Copper Clad Laminate(FCCL)933x Series Tester

Microtest 933x series FPCB testers are mainly used in flexible printing circuit board production to inspect whether the products have achieved the production standard. Test items include the open circuit test, impedance test, component characteristic test, insulation test and hipot test of safety specifications, etc. For these test items, the measuring method used by the traditional tester is rather rough and the measured value is only approximate. The developmental trends of consumer electronic products are small and portable. Therefore, the requirements for FPCB testers of consumer electronic products are getting higher. There are also requirements for the insulativity and the safety specification tests between lines and the characteristic tests of component of materials. Obviously, traditional testers cannot meet the requirements for modern electronic products. The performance of 933X series FPCB testers newly launched by Microtest are able to satisfy a series with the following requirements:


  • OS test speed can achieve at : 4000Points/sec
  • Impedance test: <1mΩ
  • The insulation test can be up to 100MΩ
  • DC high voltage can be up to 300V(9330)
  • AC withstanding voltage can be up to 1000V; DC withstanding voltage can be up to 1500V(9331)
  • Resistance test: 0.01mΩ(9332)
  • Capacitance test: 0.01pF(9332)
  • Inductance test: 0.1nH(9332)
  • Using the most stable operating system, able to connect to various kind of equipment, e.g. printer, customer’s data system, etc.
  • Dual cylinder driving, avoiding the fixture probe contact problem
  • The press is equipped with optical sensors, able to protect safety of operators
  • Connecting with external signals and isolating the test system, avoiding the external signal interference problem



Introduction to the test principle:

OS test: Use the constant voltage signal output and the group-sorting algorithm to quickly locate the interconnection test points. Therefore, we can quickly get the OS test results.


4-Wire impedance test: The transmission and measurement signals are two test points, which are connected to two polarities of the tested object. Measurement is conducted at two points, to be connected to two polarities of the DUT: When the current signal passes through the DUT, it creates voltage difference. Two polarities that are connected to the DUT will measure the voltage difference. However, the voltage difference of the signal transmission cable will not affect the test result. Therefore, even a very small resistance can be measured. 


2-Wire impedance test: The transmission line and the measurement line share a set of test points. The measurement signals are connected to the signal source and the referenced 0V position. Therefore, the impedance of the transmission line will be added to the test result. Using this measuring method needs the addition of the zeroing method to deduct the impedance of the transmission line. As such, the test accuracy of this measuring method is not high.

Insulation test:
Using the latest DC-DC technology, by the high-frequency inverting technique, the low voltage can be increased to high voltage of 400V (9331 can reach up to 1500V). Since the frequency is increased, it will conveniently filter out the interference signals to the signal. Comparing with the voltage rising of the traditional power frequency transformer, it has very good anti-interference capability. Therefore, the insulation impedance can be tested up to 100MΩ or more. 

hipot test: Using the newly designed DC-AC technology, increasing to high voltage of 1000Vac (max. 5mA) by using the low-voltage low-frequency AC signal coupling modulation technique. As the coupling technique has a strong capability to noise isolation, it has a very good anti-interference capability comparing with the traditional voltage-rising of the power frequency transformer. Therefore, the resolution of the leakage current test can be up to 10uA. 


LCR component characteristic test: Provide test frequency by using the latest signal analogy conversion system to generate low distortion sine waves from 10Hz to 1MHz. Also, use a 50 times high-speed signal as the level sampling. Basically, it can complete the measurement within several cycle times. Coupled with digital computing, the fastest measuring speed can be less than 3ms. Within the line, it provides 25/100Ω switchable output impedance and the automatic level control loop, coupled with the high precision self-correcting compensation, resulting in the overall basic measuring accuracy up to 0.1%.    


Technical background

During production of FPCB, testing is an effective means to inspect whether the product is good or not. The HV insulation test is an effective means to inspect whether there is any foreign matter existing between lines. In general, it applies a fixed high voltage to the in-between lines on PCB or FPC to detect the leakage current value between lines. The LCR component characteristic test is to inspect whether there is any anomaly of the product material and the environmental control during the manufacturing process, e.g. the inductance characteristic of the multi-winding copper wiring will be affected on its inductance due to differences of materials and the etching time. The film button can also be affected its capacitance due to the different pressure during pressing. For FPCB with high point numbers or multiple board sets, in addition to the basic measurements of open short-circuit and high-voltage insulation, most important measurements are the on-state resistance tests of copper wiring, film or silver adhesive printing line. Defects such as, the line etching gap, printing scratch and burrs, etc. are the main causes of inferior product. Additionally, the test accuracy and the test speed are the requirements for the overall quality test.


Along with the development of the electronic technology, the demand for the consumer electronic products is getting increasingly small and portable. FPC is widely used in the portable types. The FPC fabrication is also getting increasingly accurate. In-between minute lines, there may exist material and process errors. If there are no tests and theses errors are found at the later assembly stage, it will cause waste to the materials and production hours. To increase the high production frequency and to reduce finished product discarding rate, tests must be added after FPCB production to ensure that products are good at each process during production. The electronic measuring technique is an effective means to screen out inferior products. Microtest 933x series FPCB testers can provide customers with reliable testing solutions. Good quality control is the best solution for increasing production efficiency.  



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