Comprehensive Transformer Testing Systems
4 in 1 Comprehensive Transformer Testing System

623x series+6210+7721+6905 (transformer tester+DC Bias+Impulse/Surge tester+Hipot tester) 4 in 1 comprehensive transformer testing system,Add the DC bias to offer the "DC overlapping current source" function. To obtain the parameter of the coil of the to be measured DUT with overlap current through the DC bias function. To confirm the quality and the high stability of the products delivered from the factory, we have to realize the special features of the coil of the to be measured DUT with additional current.

  • Full Function Feature and the Most Efficient Test System
  • One Machine with Multiple Functions, Provides a "Comprehensive Test", "Interlayer Short Circuit", "Pressure Durable Test", "DC Overlap Current Source"
  • To purchase the system will reduce personnel cost and promote the production efficiency
  • Enhance the Efficiency and Function of the Workstation, Reduce the Number of the Workstation
  • High and Low Pressure Test Simultaneously, Save your Time
  • Easy to Edit Environment, Easy to Learn
  • To collocate with the jigs reach the highest production efficiency
  • The maximum test frequency will be up to 1M Hz
  • Maximum 5000V Test Voltage
  • Meter mode purchasing could be used as the LCR meter
  • It is able to set the voltage slow-rise time
  • According to the output electric current to adjust the maximum output voltage automatically (20Vdc max, maximum output power limit 25W)
  • Positive/Negative Direction Electric Current Switch Function


Transformer Tester DC Bias pulse/Surge Tester Hipot Tester
6235 6236 6237




Max Frequency Output Current  Impulse Voltage Output Voltage V
200K Hz 500K Hz 1M Hz 0.000A ~ 5.000A  200 ~ 5000V Programmable AC 100V ~5KV, DC 100V~6KV , IR 100V ~ 1000V

 6235 Transformer Tester

 Transformer Scanning
 Turn Ratio, Phase, L, Q, Leakage L, Balance, ACR, Cp, D, X, Y, DCR, Pin Short
 Parameters Measurement Ranges
 L, LK  0. 1nH ~ 9999.99H
 C  0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF
 Q, D  0.00001 ~ 99999
 Z, X, R  0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ
 Y  0.01nS ~ 99.9999S
 θ  -180°~ +180°
 DCR  0.01mΩ ~ 99.999MΩ
 Turn  0.01 ~ 99999.99turns
Pin-Short  12 pairs, between pin to pin
 Flash Memory  64 Files
 LCD Display  320*240 dot-matrix display
 Power Supply  Voltage 90Vac ~ 125Vac or 190Vac ~ 250Vac
   Frequency 48Hz ~ 62Hz
 Dimension (W*H*D)  435x145x522 mm
 Weight  9 kg

6220 DC Bias

 Interchangeable Positive and Negative Current Function
 Current Graphic Scanning Analysis
 Frequency Graphic Scanning Analysis
 Temperature-rising Graphic Scanning Analysis
 Output Current
 0.000A ~ 20.000
 Accuracy Of Current

 0.000A ~ 1.000A 1%+5mA

 1.001A ~ 5.000A 2%

 5.001A ~ 20.000A 3%
 Frequency Response
 20Hz ~ 1MHz
 Consumption Power 320W max
 Power Requirements Voltage  88 ~ 264Vac
  Frequency  47 ~ 63Hz
 Dimension (W*H*D) 435x145x522 mm
 Weight 9 kg

 7721 Impulse/Surge Tester

 Total Area 
 Area size comparison
 Waveform comparison
 Test Channel  21 Channels
 Impulse Voltage 200 ~ 5000 V Programmable
 Memory  200 Waveform Files
 LCD Display  320*240dot-matrix display
 Power Requirements  Voltage  115 / 230Vac ± 15% 
  Frequency 50 / 60Hz ± 5%
 Dimension (W*H*D)  435x190x522 mm
 Weight  16 kg

6905 Hipot Tester

 Test Mode
 AC, DC , IR
 Test Channel
 2 Channel
 Gauge of test
 AC Hi-Pot  100V ~ 5000V AC, 50 / 60Hz, 0.01 ~ 10mA   
 DC Hi-Pot  100V ~ 6000V, 0.01 ~ 5mA   
 Insulation  DC 100 ~ 1000V, 1M ~ 9.99GΩ   
 Arcing  1 ~ 10mA   
 Item   Range  Resolution  Accuracy
 AC Withstand (Output Voltage V)  100V ~ 5000V  10 ±(3% of setting+5V)
 DC Withstand (Output Voltage V)  100V ~ 6000V  10 ±(3% of setting+5V)
 Insulation Resistance (Output Voltage V) 100 ~ 1000Vdc  10 ±(3% of setting+5V)
 Memory  30 Sets   
 LCD Display  320*240 graphic 
 Power Requirements Voltage 115 / 230Vac ± 15%
  Frequency  50 / 60Hz ± 5%
 Dimension (W*H*D)  435x145x522 mm
 Weight  15 kg
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Standard Accessories

  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • HV Test Cable
  • D-Sub footswitch
  • Remote Control Cable

Optional Accessories

  • PC Link Software
  • RS-232 cable
  • Scan Box (F7721)
  • Dual Scan Box (F7721-D)
  • 24V Switch Power Supplier
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