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Transformer Tester

5237  transformer tester, test frequency is 20Hz~1MHz, 20 test points. Built-in Meter mode, dual-purpose and highest efficiency. The best choice for network transformer testing. The current needs to be conducted into the network communication transformer while diagnosing if high temperature can affect the quality of coils with other existing testers. The application of the transformer tester includes power transformers and network communication transformers, etc.

  • Basic Accuracy up to 0.1%
  • Support computer software connection and advanced software editing function
  • Innovative fixture zero-setting function to successfully prevent fixture interference from affecting the accuracy of measured values due to high test voltage
  • Able to test 30 items per second under fastest test speed. Elevate productivity significantly through auto-scan function
  • Paired with a 20-pin fixture to meet the test requirements for multi-pin network communication transformer
  • Optional 100mA DC Bias / 5x38 model is equipped with Meter Mode function / Support USB interface for data storag

Measurement Data

Frequency 20Hz-1MHz

Turn Ratio Frequency

50Hz ~ 200kHz (10Vac Max.)

Measurement Parameters

Inductance (L)、Impedance (Z)、Capacitance (C)、Resistance (R)、Conductance (G)、Susceptance (B)、Admittance (Y)、Alternating Current Resistance (ACR)、Quality Factor (Q)、Phase angle(Ø)、Direct Current Resistance (DCR)、Leakage Inductance、Turn Ratio、Balance、Short Circuit

Basic Accuracy
±0.1% (AC  parameter :  1KHz)
Output Impedance 100Ω

Frequency trimming resolution

Frequency output accuracy ±0.01%
Point of Test 20 Points
ESR  Series/Parallel
Mathematical Mode Absolute/Percentage 


Open Circuit/ Short Circuit


Power Supply Voltage 90Vac ~ 125Vac or 190Vac ~ 250Vac
  Frequency 48Hz ~ 62Hz
Display 320*240 dot-matrix display
RS-232, Handler (option), USB (option)
Flash Memory 64 sets
Operation Auto、Manual、Remote Trigger
Environment Temperature : 10 ~ 40℃     Humidity : 10% ~ 90%
Dimension (W*H*D) 365x145x396 mm
Weight 9 Kg

Parameters Measurement Ranges

Parameter Range Basic Accuracy
(AC  parameter :  1KHz)
L, LK 0.1nH ~ 9999.99H  0.1%  75ms
C 0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF  0.1%  75ms
Q,D 0.00001 ~ 99999  0.0005  75ms
Z,X,R 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ  0.1%  75ms
Y 0.01nS ~ 99.9999S  0.1%  75ms
θ -180°~ +180°  0.03°
DCR 0.01mΩ ~ 99.999MΩ  0.1%  25ms
Turn 0.01 ~ 99999.99turns  0.5%  75ms
Pin-Short 12 pairs, between pin to pin  --  25ms


Power transformer, Network communication transformer



5237 transformer tester 變壓器測試儀器


For YOUKU Link:

1. 益和 MICROTEST 523X 系列 变压器 transformer tester


Standard Accessories

  • Power cord
  • User manual
  • Transformer Scan Box (F5220)
  • Footswitch
  • BNC Kevin Clips (F423501)

Optional Accessories

  • Transformer Test Link Software
  • RS-232 cable
  • Handler Box