Motor Testing Solution
Motor Rotor Testing System

The 6920 motor rotor test system collocates the multi-channel special fixture of the 7605 and the 6920 and the 6908 24/48 could integrate the testing problems together in one time. It serves as an edged tool of inspection to engineering, quality control and manufacturing sectors. Applications include various motor, for example: fan motor or vehicle motor.  

Standard system is the Super Space-Saving Desktops Tester.
Optional system is the Systematic Modular Cabinet Tester.

  • Pneumatic Synchronization Measurement Fixtures, Avoid Scratching the DUT to be Measured
  • To control and analysis the programs will reduce the human careless and misjudgment
  • Easy to edit environment and easy to learn
  • Using the DCR 4-wire Measurement
  • Chinese/English screen could be switched arbitrarily
  • Optional for PC connection software to progress CPK analysis

Measurement Data

Range 0.1mΩ ~ 100KΩ 
Accuracy Low Resistance:0.1mΩ ~ 1Ω ±( 0.2% ± 1mΩ) 
  High Resistance:1Ω ~ 100KΩ ±0.1%
Voltage AC 0.1KV ~ 3KV    DC 0.1KV ~ 3KV
Leakage Current AC 0 ~ 10mA        DC 0 ~ 5mA
Arcing 0 ~ 9 
Measurement Time 0.1 ~ 99.9 Continously Adjustable
Accuracy 3%
Voltage 100V ~ 1000V ±5%
Range 1MΩ ~ 9.9GΩ
Measurement Time 0.1 ~ 99.9 Continously Adjustable
Accuracy 3%
Short Circuit
Voltage 0.2KV ~ 3KV ±2%
Measurement Item

Total Area、Area size comparison、Flutter、Waveform comparison、Corona

Accuracy 2%


Using the DCR 4-wire Measurement

Both the internal wire resistance and the contact resistance will not affect the measurement. Using the 4-wire measurement will be more accurate than others.


Test Point

Depends on the Number of Slots that Matches with the Customer Products (Fixtures)

Indicator Pass/Fail Screen Diaplay/Sound
Fixture According to the test requirements
Power Supply Voltage 90 ~ 132Vac or 198 ~ 264Vac (selectable)
  Frequency 47-63Hz
Interface RS-232
Flash Memory Storage of 100 rewritable data sets
Operation Manual、RS-232
Environment Temperature : 10°C ~ 40°C    Humidity : 20 ~ 90%
7605 (W*H*D) / Weight  435x145x522 mm / 14Kg
6908 (W*H*D) / Weight  435x145x522 mm / 7 Kg
6920 (W*H*D) / Weight  435x190x522 mm / 11 Kg 
7605 Display 480*272 color screen display
6920 Display 320*240 dot-matrix display

Parameters Measurement Ranges

Item Range
DCR 0.1mΩ ~ 100KΩ / 0.01mΩ ~ 1Ω
IR 1MΩ ~ 9.9GΩ
Hipot Leakage Current 0.1mA ~ 10.0mA

Impulse Voltage 200V ~ 5000V


Motor, Motor fan



馬達轉子 motor rotor tester(Microtest Corp.)


For YOUKU Link:

1. motor rotor tester(Microtest Corp.)


Standard Accessory

  • Power cord
  • User manual CD
  • HV Test Cable
  • RCA adapter
  • Temperature Test Prob
  • RS-232 Cable
  • Banana Plug Cable

Optional Accessory

  • Customized Fixture
  • PC Link Software
  • Foot Switch