Motor Testing Solution
Computerized Motor Testing System

The host machine of the MICROTEST MT-6950 of computerized motor testing system is a computer. It works in various types of converters with the A / D converter interface to achieve ultra-precise measurement data and to meet the testing requirement of AC and DC products. The tester can proceed the higher level tests of power factor, efficiency, and torsion torque to the motors. By using the dynamic and continuous torque and efficiency testing can carry out the motor classified grades at a particular speed and to match up the programmable function to set the test specification. To facilitate the production line personnel, the whole process adopts automatic operations,. The MT-6950 will be the best and completed solution of the motor products.

  • Computerized control and analysis
  • It provides the most advanced torque test
  • It could proceed continuous testing under dummy load
  • Fully automated operation
  • It provides LED Screen Display
  • It provides efficient testing to facilitate the product classification


Measure Time 0.5 Sec. (Basic)
Computing Platform Intel Core I3
Microsoft Win7
Test Point

According to the DUT Specifications

Load Calibration (Max.) Ac Current 30A / Voltage 400V,DC Current 30A / Voltage 100V
Auto Monitor Ac Current  20A / Voltage 800V,DC Current 20A / Voltage 1000V
Display LCD Monitor
Fixture According to the test requirements
Power Supply Voltage 220Vac ±15%
  Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Interface RS-232
Flash Memory

Built-in hard disk drives

Operation Manual、RS-232
Environment Temperature : 10°C to 40°C     Humidity : 20~90%
Dimension (W*H*D) Standard Cabinet   565x1650x900 mm
Dynamometer  Desktop     850x1100x650 mm
Weight  120 (Kg) 


Purchasing Information

 Dynamometer Specification
 Model  RPM (Max.)  Torque (Max.)
 HD-100-7N 25,000
 HD-400-7N 25,000
 HD-510-7N 25,000
 HD-505-7N 20,000
 HD-710-7N 25,000
 HD-705-7N 10,000
 HD-715-7N 25,000
HD-800-7N 12,000
HD-805-7N 12,000
 Source Specification
 CF-3000T  0~300V  0~12.5A
 CDP-100-020PR  0~100V  0~20A

Measurement Ranges

 Item Range Accuracy
 V  0V~277VAC / 0V~100VDC ±0.5%
I  0A~20A ±0.5%
P  0W~7KW ±0.5%
Pf  0.00~1.00 ±0.5%
RPM  4rpm~25Krpm ±0.2%
τ  0.8~240Kgcm ±0.2%
η 0.0%~100.0% ±0.5%



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