Automatic Testing Equipment

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  • Advanced tests of strengthening function of 2011 provides you as follows
  • Scalable with special LED backlight Measuring fixture
  • Scalability up to 16 sets of Output LED backlighting products
  • To achieve the goal of rapid detection by using the standard GPIB interface that is compliance with the IEEE-488.2
  • Easy to edit environment, easy to learn
  • Scalability the INVERTER and the LIPS models
  • Scalability of 1 to 64 lamps of the INVERTER products and the LIPS models
  • The INVERTER provides three different kinds of dimming modes, including voltage, PWM, and SMBUS
  • It provides debug mode to get the testing certification easily
  • Modular design, easy to maintain
  • It supports Barcode Reader
  • The password feature is to be in favor of the users’ right management
  • It provides compensation function parameters
  • It provides statistical reporting capabilities
  • It provides Shop-Floor function, data management, and integration
  • It is able to worked in with the double-cut fixtures and to save time


Inrush Current   Output Power 
Turn On Delay Time   Ouput Current 
Rise Time (ms)   Ouput Voltage 
Over Shoot (V) or (%)   Ouput Frequency 
Hold up Time (ms)   Burst Mode Frequency 
Fall Time   Striking Time
Dynamic Load (V)   Ouput Voltage Balance 
Short Protection   Ouput Current Balance 
Over Current Protection   Open Lamp Protection 
Recovering (V)   DUTY 
Over Voltage Protection (V)   Efficiency 
Regulation (V)   

Line Regulation

Ripple & Noise(mVp-p)   

Combine Test(V) 


Pin (W)

Vin (V)  


Fixture Inverter / LED Backlight Driver Test Fixtures
Measureing output array 16 ~ 32 sets Lamp
Measureing input array 1 set
DC Power Supply 35VDC / 10A (Expansible)
AC power supply 300V / 1KVA 
Control Power Supply 10VDC / 200mA (Max.)  
Regulated Light Power Supply

Spare Power Supply -1,

Spare Power Supply -2
PWM dimming -1 60Hz ~ 1KHz / Step 1Hz , Duty 1 ~ 99% / Step 1%
PWM dimming -2 60Hz ~ 100KHz / Step 1Hz , Duty 1 ~ 99% / Step 1%
SMBus Dimming Control DALLAS of DS1803 , Data (Series) , Clock (TTL)
Output Current 1mA ~ 10mA resolution 10uA
Output Voltage 100Vrms ~ 3000Vrms resolution1Vrms
Output Frequency 10KHz ~ 100KHz resolution10Hz
Burst Mode Frequency 100Hz ~ 2KHz resolution 1Hz
Burst Mode Duty 1% ~ 99%
Lighting Protection Time 0 ~ 5 Sec resolution 0.01Sec
Lamp Current Balance

1. The Maximum Difference Value of Subtracting from Each Other
2. The Difference Value of Subtracting the Maximum from the Minimum
3. The Maximum Difference Value with the Standard Value

High Voltage / Low Voltage Protection Starting Voltage Point of the Test Protection
Short Circuit Protection Confirm Whether Action or not
Efficiency 0 ~ 100% 
Total Input Voltage 600V Max DC and 10Hz to 100KHz 
Total Input Electric Current 20A Max DC and 10Hz to 100KHz
Positive / Negative Peak Value of Input Electric Current ±60A (Max) 10Hz ~ 100KHz
Adapter Efficiency 0 ~ 100%
P.F. 0 ~ 1
Inrush Current 50A Max
Timing measurement 0 ~ 2 Sec resolution 0.01mS
Dynamic Load THIGH & TLOW 50u Sec to 9.999 Sec (DC LOAD)
Load Regulation DC Load Model
3310 : 60V / 30A (Max)
3312 : 30V / 10A (Max)
Line Regulation
Combine Test
Bar Code Settable
Fixture Compensation Software Compensation


Introduction & Purpose

This instrument is a special tester manufactured for the Inverter & Adaptor. It provides completed test function not only to the 2-in-1 test, but also the individual test of the Inverter & Adaptor. It is able to test up to 64 testing tubes and suitable to various inspection of the Inverter & Adaptor testing. It may serve as an edged tool of inspection to engineering, quality control and manufacturing sectors as well.

LIPS Block Description of Test System

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Standard Accessory

  • SCSI cable
  • 8255 cable
  • Fixture flat cable
  • Power Cord
  • User manual CD
  • PC Link Software

Optional Accessory

  • AC to DC charger test fixture
  • DC to DC charger test fixture
  • GPIB cable
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