Comprehensive Transformer Testing Systems
Transformer Tester

5438 transformer tester, test frequency is 50Hz~200KHz, 48 test points. Built-in Meter mode, dual-purpose and highest efficiency make this model the best choice for transformer testing. The application of the transformer tester includes power transformers and network communication transformers, etc.

  • Basic Accuracy up to 0.1%
  • Support computer software connection and advanced software editing function
  • Support open circuit/ short circuit calibration function
  • Able to test 30 items per second under fastest test speed. Elevate productivity significantly through auto-scan function
  • Paired with a 48-pin fixture to meet the test requirements for multi-pin network communication transformer
  • Optional 8mA DC Bias / 5x38 model is equipped with Meter Mode function / Support USB interface for data storage

Measurement Data

Frequency 50Hz-200KHz (Meter Mode function)

Turn Ratio Frequency

50Hz ~ 200kHz (10Vac Max.)

Measurement Parameters

Inductance (L)、Impedance (Z)、Capacitance (C)、Resistance (R)、Conductance (G)、Susceptance (B)、Admittance (Y)、Alternating Current Resistance (ACR)、Quality Factor (Q)、Phase angle(Ø)、Direct Current Resistance (DCR)、Leakage Inductance、Turn Ratio、Balance、Short Circuit

Basic Accuracy
±0.1% (AC  parameter :  1KHz)
Output Impedance 100Ω

Frequency trimming resolution

Frequency output accuracy ±0.01%
Point of Test 48 Points
ESR  Series/Parallel
Mathematical Mode Absolute/Percentage 


Open Circuit/ Short Circuit


Power Supply Voltage 90Vac ~ 125Vac or 190Vac ~ 250Vac
  Frequency 48Hz ~ 62Hz
Display 320*240 dot-matrix display
RS-232, Handler (option), USB (option)
Flash Memory 60 sets
Operation Auto、Manual、Remote Trigger
Environment Temperature : 10 ~ 40℃     Humidity : 10% ~ 90%
Dimension (W*H*D) 365x145x396 mm
Weight 9 Kg

Parameters Measurement Ranges

Parameter Range Basic Accuracy
(AC  parameter :  1KHz)
L, LK 0.1nH ~ 9999.99H  0.1%  75ms
C 0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF  0.1%  75ms
Q,D 0.00001 ~ 99999  0.0005  75ms
Z,X,R 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ  0.1%  75ms
Y 0.01nS ~ 99.9999S  0.1%  75ms
θ -180°~ +180°  0.03°
DCR 0.01mΩ ~ 99.999MΩ  0.1%  25ms
Turn 0.01 ~ 99999.99turns  0.5%  75ms
Pin-Short 12 pairs, between pin to pin  --  25ms


Power transformer, Network communication transformer

No relevant audio and video files

Standard Accessories

  • Power cord
  • User manual
  • 48 Channel Scan Box (F5248)
  • Footswitch
  • F423501

Optional Accessories

  • Transformer Test Link Software
  • RS-232 cable
  • Handler Box