Microtest 6630 Impedance Analyzer New Function - Equivalent Circuit Analysis

Microtest 6630 impedance analyzers provides five frequency options (from 10Hz to 3/5/10/20/30 MHz). It adds new function of “equivalent circuit analysis”. For a real component, there are generally other parameters often along with it that can affect electric characteristics, which needs to be taken into consideration. For instance, an inductor is composed of copper windings, and the impedance of the copper wire, the capacitance formed in windings, the equivalent impedance in parallel with the inductor, etc. can cause unexpected influences at different frequencies. Or, even with the same material and the same number of turns can cause a different electric characteristic just because of a slight difference in the manufacturing process. An ordinary LCR meter may not quickly determine the differences between product characteristics.

Microtest 6630 impedance analyzers will not only measure the characteristic of a component up to 30MHz but also can estimate the effect at each frequency band after combination by using the yielded measurement parameters to calculate. In analyzing the model component, if we do not take the above influences into consideration, the actual application may result in a result beyond our expectation. The purpose of analyzing the equivalent circuit is to build a RLC model under various impedances that may produce different influences to the DUT due to different frequencies. For analytical methods, there are three-component and four-component analyses. 6630 provides 7 (A - G) different multi-parameter models which can be used for different types of products to be tested, e.g. capacitors, inductors, piezoelectric sheets, resonators or sensors, etc.

The users can simulate the impedance curve to obtain the required parameters for the equivalent circuit. Then, compare it with the actual value. The simulated result and the actual measured data can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen to facilitate measurement and analysis. The parameters of the equivalent circuit and the waveforms can also be saved via the USB or PC link.  



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