6375 + 6220
Component Tester
DC Bias Current Test System

Regardless of the difficulties to run tests in a narrow space, MICROTEST DC Bias 6210、6220、6240 has an exclusive internal temperature–rising scan function to obtain the parameters of coils during such conditions. This function enables engineers to identify the temperature changes after adding currents to the coils and determine if a component is burned due to overheating. Up to 6 units of the 6210/6220 DC Current Source Series can be overlapped to provide a maximum voltage of 20Vdc; up to 8 units for 6240, for a maximum voltage of 12Vdc. Our maximum current can be as high as 320A

  • Current and frequency graphic scanning analysis
  • Temperature-rising scan function can solve the problems of overheating a DUT to burn.
  • DCR Measurement function
  • Long-term consecutive maximum power output
  • Interchangeable bi-direction current function
  • Scalable current output up to 120A/320A
  • Innovative strengthen protection device
  • Auto-adjust maximum voltage output according to current output
    (6210/6220 20Vdc, maximum power output 25W) (6240 12Vdc, maximum power output 50W)
  • Direct Handler interfaces control through LCR power meter

 LCR Meter collocates  DC Bias


LCR Meter Model

6375 6376 6377 6378 6379  6577

LCR testing fuction

 ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  

Highest Test Frequency(Hz)

 200K 500K  1M  5M  10M  1M  

DC Bias Model

6210/6220 6240

DC Bias Bandwidth

200K  500K  1M  3M  3M   1M 

Highest Joining-up Current Output

60AMP/120AMP      320AMP     

Constant Power Output Function


Interchangeable Positive and Negative Current Function

●   ●   ●   ●   

Large current DC Resistance Measurement

●   ●   ●   

Current Graphic Scanning Analysis

 ●   ●   

Frequency Graphic Scanning Analysis


Temperature-rising Graphic Scanning Analysis


Measured Data

DC Bias Model 6210 6220 6240
Output Current 0.000A - 10.000A 0.000A - 20.000A 0.000A - 40.000A
Current Accuracy 0.000A - 1.000A 1%+5mA
  1.001A - 5.000A 2%
  5.001A - 20.000A 3%
Frequency 20Hz - 3MHz
Power Consumption 320W max. 640W max.


Power Supply Voltage 88-264Vac 
  Frequency 47-63Hz
Interface RS-232, Handler (option)
Operation Auto、Manual、RS-232、GPIB (option)
Operation Environment Temperature : 10°C to 40°C Humidity : 20 ~ 90%
Dimension (W*H*D) 6210/6220 - 340x133x525 mm 、6240 - 432x132x552 mm
Weight   6210/6220 -15 Kg、6240 -20 Kg

Parameters Measurement Ranges

|Z| R X 0.1 mΩ - 100MΩ
|Y| G B 10nS - 1000S
Cs Cp 0.01pF - >1F
Ls Lp 0.01nH - 100KH
D 0.00001 - 9.9999
Q 0.1 - 9999.9
DCR 0.1mΩ - 100MΩ
Δ% -999.99% - 999.99%
Θ -180° - +180°


Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Oscillators, Sensors, Delay Line, Filters, Resonators



LCR Meter 系列+6210/6220/6240 直流重疊電流源
operating instruction 操作說明


For YOUKU Link:

1. 益和 MICROTEST – LCR Meter 系列+6210/6220/6240 直流重疊電流源 操作說明


Standard Accessories

  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • F423501
  • F423901

Optional Accessories

  • F6210 SMD
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