USB Type-C Tester

USB Type-C Tester|8761NAC
  • 4-wire measurement conductance 1mΩ-52Ω
  • Test pin 64/128
  • E-Marker IC Test
  • Voltage Drop Test (5A)
  • Open/Short
  • Cond. Resistance test 
  • AC/DC Hipot Test
  • DC insulation
  • Support bar code scan and print function
  • Automatically identify the normal or reverse plugin of wire or connectors

For USB Type-C cable/connector testing, the dedicated option MICROTEST 8761NAC is available. It utilizes a four-wire measurement technology and supports automatic detection of USB Type-C loop orientation for connectors. It offers a maximum AC withstand voltage of 700V and a maximum DC withstand voltage of 1000V. It is equipped with the FX-000C28 2-in-1 current source expansion box, which provides the capability to perform continuity impedance, open/short circuit, safety withstand voltage insulation, RA resistance, and filtering capacitor tests on USB Type-C cables/connectors.

By selecting the FX-000C28 2-in-1 current source expansion box, it is possible to conduct 5A voltage drop internal resistance testing and VDO code reading for E-Marker IC on USB Type-C cables.



Model 8761NAC
AC Hi pot Test  100V-700V
DC Hi pot Test  50V-1000V
Test Pin    64/128


Model 8761NAC
Safety Hi pot Test
AC Hipot Leakage Current 0.01mA -5mA
AC Arcing Detection 0-9
DC Hipot Leakage Current 0.1µA-1000µA
DC Arcing Detection 0-9
DC Hipot Insulation Resistance 1MΩ-1.2GΩ
Hipot Output Accuracy ±5%
Hipot Measurement Accuracy ±5%
Rated Output 5Vdc
Hipot Measurement Time 0.01秒 - 60秒
Wire Specifications Maximum allowable capacitance 5μF
Low Voltage Electrical Test
Measuring Mode 4-Wire Test
Conductance 1mΩ-52Ω
Intermittence Conductance 1mΩ-52Ω


Intermittence O/S

Quick Intermittence open circuit

O/S Determinal Judge
Single-Side Test
OS Positive and Negative Judgment Method Learning netlist by four groups
OS Voltage Adjustment range 0.1V-4V
OS Netlist Test Mode Pattern/point-by-point scanning
Component test
Resistance Measurement Range 50mΩ-20MΩ
Level Signal 0.5-3V
Current Signal 10mA
Capacitance Measurement Range 10pF-12µF
Level Signal 0.3V-1.2V
Frequency Signal

AUTO Gear (Optional)


Diode Measurement Range 0-6.8V
Other Function
Advanced Functions Programmable continuous test / Pin search/Auto-diagnosis
Test Scan Mode Auto, Manual, External Trigger
Measurement Signal Low Voltage Measurement Signal
Panel System/Rapid /Edit / Function
Indicator Pass/Fail HV LED red-green indicator lights / Screen Display /Sound



Operation Manual, Auto, Remote Control
Built-in Storage Number of test file up to 500 sets
Power Supply Fixed Voltage 115/230 Vac ±10%
Frequency 60/50Hz
Power consumption 300VA
Environment Temperature 0℃-40℃
Humidity RH≦75%
Display 320*240 dot-matrix display



64PIN 435x145x406 mm
128PIN 435x145x406 mm
Weight 64PIN 8.44Kg
128PIN 9.3Kg
Interface RS-232, USB Host, Print, Remote