9332 PCB Tester

9332 PCB Tester



  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • 64 test channels
  • Test 32 sets of inductive impedance (Ls/Rs/DCR/Q)
  • Can be used with pneumatic composite fixtures to perform multi-board (panel) tests
  • Supports multi-board test modes and LCR value measurement mode



Model 9332
Test Frequency 10Hz-200kHz
Test Channel 64
Measurement Parameters

|Z| (Impedance)

θ (Phase angle)

R (Series resistance/parallel resistance)

L (Inductance value)

D (Loss factor)

Q (Quality factor)

DCR (DC Resistance)

C (Capacitance value)

Measurement Parameters



Parameters Range

Basic Accuracy

(AC 1kHz)

L 0.1nH ~ 9999.99H 0.1% 25ms
Q 0.00001 ~ 99999 0.0005 25ms
C 0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF 0.1% 25ms
Z,R 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ 0.1% 25ms
DCR 0.01mΩ ~ 99.999MΩ 0.1% 25ms
Frequency Resolution 5 Digits
Frequency Output Accuracy ±0.01%
Output Impedance 100Ω
AC Drive Level 10mV-2Vrms



Measurement Circuit Series/Parallel
Operation mode Absolute value/Percentage
Correction Open Circuit/Short Circuit
Built-in Storage 128 sets
USB Host Storage Testing screen and data
Trigger Test Auto, Manual, RS-232, GPIB, Handler
Power Supply Voltage 98Vac-132Vac or 195Vac-264Vac
Frequency 47Hz-63Hz
Power consumption 200VA
Environment Temperature 10℃ ~ 40℃
Humidity 20% ~ 90%RH
Dimension 344x145x343 mm
Weight 8.4 Kg
Interface RS-232, Handler, LAN, USB Host
Display Color Screen, 7" TFT (800*480)