Single-Phase Power Meter

Single-Phase Power Meter|7120
  •  AC / DC Dual amp/watt-hour meter
  • Wide range 0.001W-16KW
  • Connection software attached
  • Standby Power D.P.I. of 0.001W
  • With crest factor ratio display
  • Up to the 50 levels harmonic wave analysis capability
  • 1000 sets of measurement data storage space
  • Current crest factor is highest CF9

MICROTEST 7120 power meter provides a frequency bandwidth of 15Hz to 100kHz. It supports up to 0th order harmonic analysis and has a maximum crest factor of 9 (CF9) for current waveforms. It can measure various parameters related to power supplies, including power, voltage, current, power factor, phase, and more. It is suitable for AC/DC and DC/DC power products.



Model 7110 7120
Frequency Range DC, 15Hz~10KHz DC, 15Hz~100KHz
Harmonic (option) ● / - ● / -


Measurement Parameters

Parameters Range Parameters Range
Vrms 0.1V ~ 600V PF 0.000 ~ ±1.000
Vdc 0.1V ~ 600V Deg -180°~ +180°
Irms 0.1mA ~ 20A THD 0.01% ~ 99.99%
Idc 0.1mA ~ 20A Hz 15Hz ~100kHz
W 0.01W ~16KW


Measurement Range

Current (fixed/Auto) 0.01A0.03A0.1A0.3A1A3A10A20A
Voltage (fixed/Auto) 10V30V100V300V600V


Harmonics SPEC

Analysis base To achieved stable fundamental frequency analysis by voltage or current (non-inverter)
Frequency Range 45Hz 45Hz - 440Hz
FFT Data Length 1024
FFT Data Format 32 bits



  • 1-50 THD, 1-50 level voltage and current V [n], A [n]
  • 1-50 level voltage and current distortion percentage
  • V [n%], A [n%]
  • 1-50 level watts W [n]
  • 1-50 level watts distortion percentage Watt W [n%]
  • 1-50 level voltage and current angle DEG [n]
  • Vrms, Irms, Watt, PF



Model 7110 7120
Frequency Measurement Mode To achieved stable base frequency measurement (variation less than 1%) by voltage or current (non-inverter)
Frequency Range DC, 15Hz~10KHz DC, 15Hz~100KHz
Data Length Dual 4096x16 RAM for voltage & current
ADC Resolution 16 bits
Sampling Rate AC 50Hz/60Hz basic sampling rate 100 KSPS /120 KSPS
Arithmetic Precision Watt/VRMS/IRMS/MEAN/PF/Deg/Line filter 32bits
Frequency Filter 500Hz cut off, digital chip filter based on 25MHz
Signal Filter

500Hz-3db digital filter based on Butterworth 50Hz-0.03% reading,

60Hz-0.05% reading


Acquisition Mode

Voltage / current 100MHz baseband digital dynamic meter chip
Phase Lead Detection Subject to the current, analog/digital hybrid detecting (error less than 5 degrees)


RMS/MEAN Mode Voltage & Current Accuracy (23℃ ±5℃ )
>=15 Hz, f  45Hz   ±(0.1% of reading + 0.4% of range)
>45 Hz,  66 Hz   ±(0.1% of reading + 0.1 % of range)
>66 Hz,  1 kHz   ±(0.1% of reading + 0.2 % of range)
>1 kHz,  10 kHz   ±(0.07*f % of reading + 0.3% of range)
>10 kHz, 100 kHz   ±(0.5% of reading + 0.5% of range) ±[{0.04×(f–10)}% of reading]

Funit is 1KHz
When the L-FILTER sets as ON: 45Hz~66Hz frequency range allowable error-0.03 %~-0.05 of reading

When the AC is measured, if the fundamental frequency exceeds 200Hz, the F-Filter is required to be turned off in order to measure the most
accurate value

**When the frequency range is more than 10KHz, the 7120 starts to support


DC Mode Voltage & Current Accuracy (23℃ ±5℃ )
10V~600V   ±0.2% reading ± 0.2% of range
0.01A ~20A   ±{(0.2)% of reading + 0.2 % of range} ±offset
To add up the OFFSET errors of various files during measuring the DC current


Power (W) Accuracy (23℃ ±5℃ )

 AC power ranges (Auto or Manual)(40 ranges) range up to 16KW
Maximum Power (W) value is determined by the highest range of voltage profile

  DC ±0.2% reading ± 0.5% of range

  • 15 Hz≦f
  • 66 Hz<f≦1 kHz ±(0.2% of reading + 0.2 % of range)
  • 1 kHz<f≦10 kHz ±(0.4% of reading + 0.3 % of range)± [{0.06×(f)}% of reading]
  • 10 kHz<f≦100 kHz ±(0.5 % of reading + 0.5 % of range)±[{0.09×(f–10)}% of reading]
Incidental Allowable Error Conditions
  Signal Filter Error (AC)
  • Frequency between 45-66Hz: Add 0.3% of reading.
  • Frequency between45-66Hz: Add 1% of reading beyond
  CF9 Error (DC)      Add range tolerance * 3
Accuracy Effect of the Phase Error of the Power


When the power factor PF is 0, the error range of Watt is
Situation 1: for 45Hz < f, Add±1.0% of VA
Situation 2: for 45Hz > f or f > 66Hz
Add ±{(3.5 + 0.5×f )% of VA} for up to 100kHz as reference data
The unit for frequency f is kHz.
When the power factor is 0 < PF≦error range
When 0 < PF  1 (θ: phase angle of the voltage and current)
for 45Hz  f  66Hz. Add ±power reading *{tan(θ)*(0.5)}%
for f < 45Hz, f > 66Hz. Add ±power reading *{ tanθ*(0.5×f+0.2) }%


 Error within 12 months   Add ±(0.5% of reading) 



Support Harmonics


Support Harmonics


Don't Support Harmonics


Don't Support Harmonics


Built-in stroage 6 Sets
Power Supply Voltage 100 ~ 240Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption 300VA
Environment Temperature 23℃±5℃
Humidity 20%-80%RH
Display Seven-segment display
Dimension (W*H*D) 227x101x300 mm
Weight 1.85 Kg
Interface  RS-232 (7110)、RS232 + GPIB (7120)