Motor Rotor Testing System

The 6920 motor rotor test system collocates the multi-channel special fixture of the 7605 and the 6920 and the 6908 24/48 could integrate the testing problems together in one time. It serves as an edged tool of inspection to engineering, quality control and manufacturing sectors. Applications include various motor, for example: fan motor or vehicle motor.

Standard system is the Super Space-Saving Desktops Tester.
Optional system is the Systematic Modular Cabinet Tester.
Motor Rotor Testing System
6920 Motor Rotor Testing System
6920 Motor Rotor Testing System
  • 24/48 Channels
  • Hipot/Leakage Current
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Winding Layer short Test
  • Resistance Welding Test
  • Inductance Test
  • It can test multiple sets of DUTs simultaneously
  • 4-Wire DC Resistance measurement will be more accurate than others
  • The Impulse/Surge with waveform comparison is a non-destructive analysis
  • Chinese/English screen could be switched arbitrarily
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