USB Type-C Cable Tester

USB Type-C give the consumer better experience for transmitting data, media sharing charging mobile device by using on USB cable. Compatible with DisplayPort, MHL and Thunderbolt 3, etc. USB-C will replace more transmitting interface in the future.

Microtest Cable Tester 8761NAC is a multifunctional portable tester. Not only detect the poor processing product, but also the O/S status between each contact and the protection component around E-Mark IC.

Conduction/Insulation/Hi-Pot/Protection Component/High current voltage gap and resistance
USB Type-C Cable Tester
8761NAC USB Type-C Tester
8761NAC USB Type-C Tester
  • 4-wire measurement conductance 1mΩ-52Ω
  • Test pin 64/128
  • E-Marker IC Test
  • Voltage Drop Test (5A)
  • Open/Short
  • Conductance
  • AC/DC Hipot Test
  • DC insulation
  • Support bar code scan and print function
  • Automatically identify the normal or reverse plugin of wire or connectors
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